Mugler #weareallaliens

MUGLER invites you to the dawn of a new world.
We Are All Alien is a first-of-its-kind fictional web series
in four episodes produced and directed by MUGLER.

On an unknown planet, among the ruins of a civilization outside of time, darkness is slowly but surely engulfing the world. Its inhabitants have disappeared into the shadows. At a crossroads, Stella, Duru, Theo and Elina unite in a quest to restore the light: to fight the dark and mysterious Monolith. What remains beyond the light?

Behind the scenes

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The campaign

In search of light

Two heroes outside of time exist in a dark world: the Daughter of the sun and the Son of the night. They each roam across space alone in search of a new light. Only the light can unite them. At the door of a darkened desert, a ray of light attracts them. It emanates from a strange glass monolith. Five letters stand out: Alien. At their touch, a blazing bolt of lightning bursts through the darkness. A dazzling light surrounds the universe. A new hope is born...

Alien is the promise of a revelation, of its own reawakening. Alien symbolizes this mysterious part within all of us waiting to reveal itself. This strange fragment within that makes us unique and beautiful.

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