Thierry Mugler E-Gift Cards | Buying an E-Gift Card


Thierry Mugler e-Gift Cards can be ordered in any amount starting at $5. They are sent, via e-mail, to any individual with a valid e-mail address. The recipient of an e-Gift Card will receive an e-mail with a redeemable promotional code to be used only at The code will be activated within 24 hours after receiving the e-mail. 


To access our e-Gift Card page just click on the “e-Gift Card” link on our Gifts & Sets section. Follow the step-by-step instructions and provide the information required to make your purchase. 


1) An order confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. 

2) An e-mail confirming that a Thierry Mugler E-Gift Card has been sent by you, will be sent to the person for whom you've made the purchase. 


E-Gift Cards are activated and ready to use as soon as the recipient registers and logs in as an account member and validates his or her certificate number. 



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