The MUGLER Boutique

- So Mugler
The MUGLER Boutique
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For three years, MUGLER has reinvented itself. Influential, universal and addictive, this brand is boldly ambitious, with a new logo uniting Fashion and Fragrances. In addition, a new boutique will place MUGLER at the epicenter of Parisian culture and luxury, the eye-catching venue highlights the brand’s unique identity. The one and only MUGLER.


Number 67 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris is a must-visit destination for the MUGLER woman. A 130 m2 space showcasing the diverse expressions of the brand and encapsulating its heritage and vision. The designers behind it: Jean-Christophe Poggioli and Pierre Beucler.


On the outside, matte gray stone panels cut across the glossy black facade. On the inside, the black terrazzo floor complements the sculpted white plaster ceiling. In between, a Cubism-inspired display area, multi-faceted podiums, tinted and frosted mirrors...A blend of opposites and contrasts.


Boldness and harmony prevail throughout. Sleek stands presenting the ready-to-wear collection and The Source are no exception. In the new boutique, an exclusive design has been created for MUGLER’s refill concept: a wall of mirrored columns resembling an organ of perfume where customers can endlessly renew their bottle from the unique MUGLER Les Exceptions collection.


“The MUGLER woman is a woman of strength, one you don’t easily forget and who leaves nobody indifferent. At last, she will have her very own haven. We intend to create a special bond with her and offer her an addictive experience!”

Virginie Courtin



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