New impetus, new future… New logo

- So Mugler
New impetus, new future… New logo
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Thierry Mugler, Mugler Paris, is becoming Mugler


A fusion of the brand's Perfume and Fashion houses brings a new signature embodying the renewal of the MUGLER spirit. It represents a turning point in its history. Over time, the MUGLER brand has reinvented itself creatively, in both fragrance and in fashion, to arouse the desires and capture the addictions of its audiences again and again.Today, the Mugler brand is evolving towards complete visual and graphic coherence between its two entities: perfume and fashion. The Thierry Mugler brand will become known as MUGLER. This name embodies the fragrance and fashion arms to create one single voice, carrying the brand into the upcoming decades to accompany its growth abroad, as Thierry Mugler explains:


"This new logo is based on energy and modernity. I wanted to create bold visual impact with timeless architecture. It represents the consolidation of a universe that will characterise the brand's creations for years to come."

Thierry Mugler.

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Singular and timeless, understated and sophisticated, this logo is a Thierry Mugler creation. With visible dissonance on the R which is also transposed onto the G, the dynamics and gesture of the artist is reflected along with his inventive sense of detail, the So Mugler touch. This logo will become the foundation for all of the brand's expressions, the emblem of a global, universal and international brand. Present in the past, with an even stronger presence for the future.

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