The Maison

Making everyday life extraordinary

The story of the brand and its founder are inextricably linked. There is only one name for them: Thierry Mugler. Boldness, myth, duality, architecture, theatrics, provocation and vision; this is the Mugler spirit.

Mr. Mugler

He became a visionary with his first fashion designs, which were as meticulous as they were ultra-feminine. He is also a master of the stage, and an artist of multiple talents, ranging from Haute Perfumery to photography to on stage performances (Mugler Follies, The Wyld). Unique and multidimensional.

Luxury done differently

Thierry Mugler is committed to helping the planet. The brand has boldly and intentionally set itself apart: The Source, Eco-Refills bottles, the responsible fragrance Womanity and the the support it gives to the Pur Project Collective (which works to promote the protection of biodiversity) are all examples of this new type of luxury. A new voice emerges in Thierry Mugler.

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